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What is the Stormont Dundas Glengarry Approved Professionals Program?

The SDG Approved Professionals Program was established to help the general public of Stormont Dundas Glengarry connect with High Quality and Authentic Professionals.

Our goals at SDG Approved Professionals are:

  • To ensure quality, integrity and consistency in local professionals who offer services to the public
  • To connect local consumers with our Approved Professionals who represent   a variety of business sectors within theStormont Dundas Glengarry
  • To ensure that our Approved Professionals possess the necessary certifications, insurances and / or educational training to provide the products and services they offer
  • Follow a Code of Conduct to ensure consumers receive the highest level of service

Why join the SDG Approved Program?

Aligning with SDG Approved Professionals, you’re promoting your company as one of High Quality, with guarantees to the public.

  • As a member, you benefit from the “Go To” network we’ve created for consumers and members alike
  • The SDG Approved Professionals logo serves as a symbol of quality, integrity, and consistency of service
  • Our “Go To” Network is utilized by potential Clients and Professionals through our Social Media presence, website and active community involvement
  • Participating in Monthly Events/Meetings
  • SDG Approved Professionals are heavily involved in our local communities by way of Private & Public Events, Training & Information Programs and Charity Functions
  • Group Insurance for Members
  • Save money through Member to Member Referral Programs and Discount Offers

In addition, we aim to have our Network heavily involved in local communities by means of: Private & Public Events, Training & Information Programs and Charity Functions.

How we are Selecting Our Members:

SDG Approved Professionals complete a standard Member Application, which will verify Professional Standing, Insurances, Education, Government Regulations, Recent Work and Professional References. (Credentials will all be in relation to the Applicants Trade / Service)

All this will help us ensure that we can label successful applicants as an SDG Approved Professional.

The application process includes an extensive screening process, which generally includes:

  • Trade References: Reaching out to Trade References, to get professional feedback on Professionalism, Conduct in the Workplace and Quality of Workmanship.
  • Client References: Reaching out to recent Client References, to get first hand client experiences and feedback on Conduct in the Workplace and Quality of Workmanship.
  • Professional Requirements: We ask all applicants to provide evidence of Trade Professional Certifications (BCIN, Master Licenses, Tarion Warranty, etc….)
  • Insurance Requirements: All applicants are to provide evidence of required Insurance Coverages (Liability Insurance, WSIB, Workers Compensation, etc….)

All applications are Reviewed & Verified by our Membership Review Team. This is a confidential review panel of professionals.  This Membership Review Team will be made up of three existing members.

What Types of Professionals do we Support?

SDG Approved Professionals supports all segments and sizes of local Professionals providing High Quality products and services, are accountable, credible and possess all of the necessary insurances, certifications and education.

The SDG Approved Professional Network is looking for all ranges, types and branches of Professionals!  If your company follows the rules, regulations and standards of your Trade, Showcase yourself with us and set your firm a part from the rest!

Today’s consumer is savvy and well-researched, taking the steps to check the backgrounds and Certifications of the Professionals they seek to hire. They require proof or evidence that they are hiring and entrusting a True Professional.  Our network showcases these types of professionals to today’s savvy consumer.

We are accepting Applications from All Types of Professionals. Contact us today!


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